Sundays at GCBC Are Different


We believe that it is God’s prerogative to determine how He shall be worshipped, and how He shall be represented in the world. We believe that Christians and churches need to turn to the Bible to discover what to include in worship services, and how to worship God “in spirit and truth” (John 4:23). We endeavor to maintain a God-centered focus in our services and to protect our worship from the intrusion of carnal entertainments and distractions. It is our conviction that reading, preaching and hearing the Word of God, singing Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, and administering baptism and communion are the scriptural elements of corporate worship. We seek to perform these with faith, joy and sobriety.

The Lord’s Day

We believe that, since creation, it has been the duty of every soul to set apart one day of the week for undistracted worship of the Triune God (Genesis 2:1-2Mark 2:27). We believe that since the resurrection of Christ, this day has been established as the first day of every week, the Lord’s day (Revelation 1:10). It is our joy to sanctify this day to the Lord, and to delight ourselves in Him on His holy day. On this day we seek to observe a holy rest from all our works, words and thoughts about our worldly employments and recreations (Isaiah 58:13). We find this day to be one of liberty from temporal concerns and freedom to attend to the matters of our souls. Chief among our delights on the Lord’s Day are the public gatherings for worship and the preaching of God’s Word.


Our prayer meetings are well attended, and are central to the life of our church. We cannot imagine trying to function as a church without them. We believe that our Lord Jesus Christ intends his people to gather frequently for corporate prayer, and that participation in such meetings is normative for New Covenant children of God.

Worship With Us Sundays at 11:00AM